First Time Home BuyersMilitary May 9, 2023

Homebuyers Power | How to Capitalize on the Market

Many would-be homebuyers still face obstacles due to years of skyrocketing home prices and dramatically higher mortgage rates. However, new data indicates that as the housing market slows, they are regaining some negotiating power. Before the market’s recent slowdown, buyers frequently engaged in bidding wars for homes, however, the high cost of mortgages has slowed demand. For the first time in years, buyers can negotiate conditions to their advantage. This demonstrates both how significantly the market has shifted recently and the influence that buyers today have provided they are knowledgeable about their local markets and aware of the demands of the sellers. Here are 4 strategies for buyers to begin negotiating.

1. Pricing Strategy

According to, nearly 20% of sellers dropped their asking price before selling in November 2022, but most places haven’t yet seen a significant drop in sale prices. This marketplace is highly profitable and beneficial for sellers due to the lack of available inventory, low-interest rates, and a very competitive buyer pool. Ensure your pricing and advertising roll-out strategy are coordinated to take advantage of this market. Make sure you have a seasoned negotiator on your side who is skilled at dealing with multiple offers, in particular. You will be in a position of power in this market and get the highest possible price for your home if you have chosen the right price, along with the right strategy and person to represent you.

2. Narrow and Determine Your Needs

Gaining a pulsed focus on the kind of property you require is essential because there will be a lot more of it available on the market, making it simple to become puzzled and halt your real estate search. Understanding your non-negotiables will help you choose the right properties to show, convince the seller that you are serious, and bargain for the best possible terms. Your readiness, motivation, and pre-qualification to purchase the property will be key negotiation points once they are made aware of it.

3. Negotiate Firmly

There will always be homeowners who must sell their homes, even in a market where there are fewer buyers than available homes. Finding these sellers and reaching a mutually beneficial agreement with them can be your best course of action because they will be among the most discouraged when they realize how much harder it has become to sell their homes in that market.

4. Get Local Knowledge

Selecting a real estate agent with local knowledge gives you an ally who comprehends and can allude to the seller. They must be able to successfully navigate a shifting market if they are to represent you. This entails staying up to date on real estate trends, forecasts, and available inventory as well as knowing how to make use of this information to your advantage.

The Bottom Line

Many Homebuyers will become overwhelmed by the upheaval and uncertainty caused by markets adapting and changing. As a result, their decisions will then be influenced more by emotion than by analysis and reason. Focusing on the facts, having a plan, and having confidence that you are moving in the right direction toward building and protecting wealth is especially crucial when making real estate decisions. By avoiding being affected by the headlines and market data as rates increase, you will be one step ahead of everyone else who is purchasing homes.

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