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Remembering to do all your required home maintenance can be tough. Check out this home maintenance checklist to help you remember all the maintenance that you need to do.

Use a home maintenance checklist to make things easy

A maintained home is a happy home.

Keeping your home in top condition can be a challenging task because homes have so many things that need to be maintained. With all the appliances, repairs and other things that need to be maintained, remembering to do everything can be tough.  A home maintenance checklist is handy to have.

Yet maintaining a consistent home maintenance schedule is a good idea if you want to avoid costly repairs down the road and maintain your home’s value.

Want to keep your home in great shape? Then check out this home maintenance checklist (Provided by American Home Shield) that you can use so that you don’t forget to do important home maintenance tasks.


Here are some home maintenance checklist tasks that you should do at least monthly to maintain your home. You might even choose to do some of these tasks more often if you have time.

Check fire extinguisher – Take a look at your fire extinguisher pressure gauge and make sure it still has pressure.

Vacuum carpeted areas – Vacuuming should be done at least once a month to get rid of dust, dirt and other microbes so that your home stays clean.

Sweep floors – Sweep and mop hardwood floors or non-carpeted areas to make sure they remain clean.

Clean kitchen – The kitchen can get dirty pretty quickly, so be sure to clean it at least once a month. Wipe down the stove to prevent grease from accumulating and clean off the stove grates. Use a paper towel or rag to clean off the inside of the microwave oven. Scrub down the sides of the sink with some cleanser to remove any grease and grime buildup.

Clean bathroom – Bathrooms can also get dirty and should be cleaned regularly. Use cleaners, water and a rag or sponge to wipe away any mildew from your sink and tub to prevent it from growing or causing damage. Clean your toilet with a brush and cleaner to keep it sanitary. Wash off your shower curtain if it is dirty, wipe the sink counter and clean the mirrors.

Dust and wipe down furniture – Clean furniture will keep your air quality healthy.

Mow the lawn – You may need to mow the lawn more than once a month, although you may not have to mow as often or at all during the winter, depending on where you live.


Man Maintaining Garden by following a home maintenance checklist

Man is gardening. The man is following a home maintenance checklist on the MS Gulf Coast.

These home maintenance checklist tasks should be performed at least once every three months.

Test smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors – Most smoke alarms and CO detectors can be checked quickly by pressing a button. Replace any defective units or replace the batteries if needed.

Clear drains in sinks and tub – Make sure the water is flowing smoothly in your sink and tub drains. If not, clear them out by flushing them with salt and hot water, using a plunger or snaking the drains to remove clogs.

Annually and Bi-Annually

Plumber repairing toilet using a home maintenance checklist.

Man is repairing a toilet by following a home maintenance checklist.

Be sure to complete these tips for home maintenance once or twice a year to keep your home in top shape.

Termite inspection – Schedule an annual termite inspection from a certified termite company. Termites can cause significant damage to your home and also discourage other home buyers from purchasing your property when you decide to sell.

Maintain water heater – The water heater should be inspected twice a year if possible. Flush the drain at the bottom of the water heater to remove sediment and keep you water clean. Also check the water softener for white residue or brine buildup.

Clean out refrigerator coils – Consider cleaning your refrigerator coils if you want to maintain electrical efficiency as clean coils can reduce the refrigerator’s electricity usage by 15%. Unplug your refrigerator before cleaning the coils.


Owning a home also means that you will have to perform some maintenance tasks on a seasonal basis. Doing these tasks will ensure that your home stays in top condition and you won’t need to read up on any home repair tips.


Clean fireplace – If you used your fireplace, you should clean it so that it will be ready to use next winter. Cleaning the fireplace prevents dirty soot from staining it and also removes harmful flammable substances that may stick to your fireplace walls. (Will link to fireplace cleaning article once published)

Inspect the roof – Check the roof for damage that may have occurred from the winter weather.

Check your deck – If you have an outdoor deck, you will have to stain it every 5-6 years so that it stays waterproof. Inspect your deck and look for any damage or signs of wear.

Fertilize your lawn and garden – Spring is a good time to fertilize your lawn and garden so that plants can grow.


Prune trees and shrubs – Prevent shrubs and trees from becoming overgrown by trimming them.

Clean your grill – If you have a grill and are planning on doing outside grilling, be sure to clean it off first.

Change your air conditioning filter – Air conditioning filters should be cleaned or replaced regularly to keep your air clean.


Rake leaves – Leaves will fall on the ground so you will have to rake them up periodically to keep your lawn clean and avoid attracting varmints or decay.

Clean Gutters – Leaves may also fall into the gutters around your house so be sure to check them can clean them periodically.

Inspect home for cracks and gaps – Look around the exterior of your home and search for cracks and gaps. Fill these areas with caulk so that your home can stay warm during the winter.

Power-wash windows and siding – Fall is also a good time to power-wash the exterior of your home.


Disconnect and store away garden hose – Prevent water from freezing inside your garden hose.

Cover air conditioner – Since you won’t be using it in the winter, cover your air conditioning unit to protect it from snow and other debris.

Inspect insulation – Make sure your home is energy efficient by inspecting your insulation.

Trim tree limbs – Tree branches can get heavy when they gather frost or snow and break off, falling on your car or causing damage to your home. Trim any branches that might fall and cause damage.

Hopefully, you will use this home maintenance checklist as a reference to help maintain and keep your home clean.

**This information was provided by American Home Shield

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